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Nihola Cigar Family Trike    



Surly Big Dummy frames, complete and custom builds   Bakfiets - we sell the bike and trike!






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We sell Practical Cycles. Our bikes are great for carrying cargo luggage and children. We beleive you should be able to carry children safely by bike. We also beleive you should be able to carry 1 child, 2 children, 3 children or more by bike. We are a Surly stockist which means you can get the Surly Big Dummy, Surly Long Haul Trucker, Surly Cross Check, Surly Trailer (Bill or Ted, Surly Karate Monkey and Surly Steamroller from us. Surly make great bikes for commuting, carrying children, carrying cargo and also touring and Audax. The Surly Big Dummy is designed around the Xtracycle hitchless trailer concept. Using a modular system of accessories such as the Long Loader, Wideloaders, Flight Deck, Footsies, Longtail Kit or Kickback stand allows you to carry children, shopping and luggage on your Surly Big Dummy or Xtracycle converted bike. Carrying children by bike is also possible with the Nihola Cigar Family Trike, The Bakfiets Cargo Bike and the Bakfiets Cargo Trike. All these bikes and trikes offer the safest way to carry children by bike. The Zigo Leader is a versatile child carrying bike. It converts from a 7 speed trike to a double child stroller, a jogger stroller, a bike trailer for children and even just a decent 7 speed bike with hub gears.  We also sell the Circe Family Bike which is a tandem capable of being ridden (as a stoker) by children as young as 5 years old. It can also carry a younger child on a child seat at the same time. We stock a range of child seats from GMG  Yepp and Bobike - we feel these are the best quality child seats around with the best safety record. We also stock a range of Dutch built town and utility bikes made by BSP in Holland. The BSP bikes all come with internal gear hubs (hub drive) and enclosed chains which make them low maintenence. The classic sit up and beg style of these Dutch bikes makes them great for town riding, shopping and also short commutes. We also offer a wheelbuilding service here at our workshop in Lytham, Lancashire. We specialise in building internal gear hubs wheels. We use Shimano Nexus and Alfine Hub Gear, Nuvinci 360 hub gear, Rohloff Speedhub hub gear and also Sturmey Archer hub gear too. Luggage from Carradice, Ortlieb, Pacific Outdoors, Bike Bins, Basil and Hebie caters for shopping, touring and business use. We also stock a large range of velo Orange handlebars, brakes, mudguards, headset, bell, stem and chainguard. These are great for fixed gear, retro, track, town bike and singlespeed bikes. The Burley Travoy Bike Trailer can also be used for shopping, cargo and business use as it is a bike trailer that converts to a hand  trolley. The Yuba Mundo cargo Bike is at home being a heavy haul work bike or delivery bike. The Yuba Mundo Version 3 or version 4 bike can also carry two children. we stock the full range of Yuba Accessories such as the Yuba Go Getter Bag, Utility Deck, Stand Alone Kickstand and Soft Spot cushion.